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The Making of Liberty: Channel 4 To Show Tell-all Documentary

by Bryony Soord

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Famous department store LIBERTY LONDON is to be the subject of the fly-on-the-wall documentary that will air on Channel 4 this autumn.

The show will be following the managing director Ed Burstell, the head of marketing and communications Kate Brindley and the department store’s retail team in the hectic lead up to Christmas. Making Liberty is a three part series seemingly inspired by the recent BBC2 documentary Inside Claridges, which went behind-the-scenes at the famous London Mayfair hotel. Following its broadcast in the UK, it’s expected that the series will then be broadcast over the pond.

liberty london documentary

There’s a real focus on the business of fashion, they will be filming us at all the fashion weeks, seeing the strategy and the buying meetings; it will be a balance of that and the people that go into it.

We’ve been so lucky that the business has done so well over the past four years but the truth is that sometimes there are frustrating days – and they caught one [on camera] already.

There was some bad news about deliveries and, well, let’s just say I had to do my breathing exercises.
Ed Burstell, Managing directory – Liberty

The store is hoping to gain more understanding from the public.

“I really hope that Making Liberty will bring a new customer to Liberty and show people that perhaps haven’t visited the store in a while that we aren’t just seeping in our heritage, or resting on our floral-printed laurels, or just ‘expensive’” said Kate Brindley.

“We are a brand that thrives on innovation and we have something for everyone.”