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Frida Giannini to design costumes for Rush

by Amber Cordery

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Gucci’s Creative Director is set to design costumes for Olivia Wilde and Chris Hemsworth in the Formula one film ‘RUSH’

Gucci for Rush

Gucci for Rush, Chris Hemsworth and Olivia Wilde

Frida Giannini has gone deep into the Gucci archives to provide past designs for stars in the upcoming Formula one film ‘RUSH’. Both Chris Hemsworth and Olivia Wilde will wear pieces from Frida’s past collections which were inspired by the Gucci archive and from the picture above it is quite clear that this film is going to be wonderfully glamorous. One of Olivia’s main pieces is a shaggy, maxi Gucci coat and purple trilby.

Frida discusses Olivia’s look

The style of Suzy Miller, played by Olivia Wilde, is the essence of Gucci as it captures the mixture of sexy allure and innocent naturalness that defined the style of the time

Frida also expressed her excitement about working for the feature

The Seventies has always been a decade that has inspired me greatly, so it was extremely exciting to be asked by Ron Howard to help design wardrobes for RUSH. It is hard to think of a more glamorous profession than being a racing driver in the Seventies. James Hunt’s style is full of animal sensuality, perfectly brought out by Chris Hemsworth…

RUSH is set to be an incredible insight into high fashion clothing of the time, as Salvatore Ferragamo has also created outfits for Niki and Marlene Lauda. Salvatore Ferragamo is celebrated for the luxurious vibe that pieces encompass with sharp, classic tailoring and leather accents.

The film is based on a thrilling true story portraying the rivalry between Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Daniel Bruhl, and James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth.


Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Daniel Bruhl, and James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth.

The synopsis for the film has us full of anticipation and excitement for the film and we can’t wait for September 13th!

Following their personal lives on and off the track, the two drivers push themselves to the breaking point of physical and psychological endurance, where there were no short cuts to victory and no margin for error – if you make a mistake, you die.